In June 1997, my beloved brother, Athol was diagnosed with malignant mesothelioma, (a rare form of cancer of the lining of the chest caused by asbestos dust). He fought this disease with the only treatments he was offered, i.e. surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy or, in other words, maiming, burning and poisoning. Sadly this treatment was of no help to him and in fact only exacerbated his suffering, and caused sever deterioration in his condition. He gradually became weaker and weaker until he died on 05 August 1998.

We lived in South Africa, and Athol was employed in the building industry for all his working life. He often worked directly with asbestos. The workmen were not given any warnings, nor were they issued with any protective clothing. He had no idea that asbestos was a deadly substance.

Some months after Athol’s death I developed a persistent cough that I ignored. Then early in 2001 I began to experience difficulties in climbing stairs. My reaction to this was that I had become unfit and thought that I should try and exercise more. This only made the problem worse and by June of 2001 I began to feel decidedly unwell. Eventually I decided a visit to the doctor was necessary, and, after a series of tests, biopsies etc. I was finally diagnosed in early September as having malignant mesothelioma, the very same disease that had taken my brother three years earlier. This was devastating news for my whole family. When my brother, Athol, was diagnosed with this disease we understood that this dreadful form of cancer was very rare. It seemed impossible that it could strike both a brother and sister, but it did. It would appear that I had breathed in the asbestos dust from his clothing while still living in our family home in South Africa. Mesothelioma can remain dormant in the body for between 20-50 years, but once manifested, progresses rapidly and is terminal. My world was turned upside-down and suddenly all those things that seemed important were not important anymore.

My immediate decision was that I would not follow the same route as my brother had done as clearly this would only hasten my death. In any case conventional medicine could only offer me ‘palliative chemotherapy’ but no hope of any survival. I sent a panic e-mail to a nutritionist in South Africa for advice as my own common sense told me that nutrition would be the best way forward. She e-mailed back with three instructions:

1. Get onto the Hallelujah Diet. (This is a diet consisting of 85% raw fruit and vegetables, carrot juice and Barley Green, and of course eliminating the five white foods that are known to cause cancer. Meat, dairy, salt, sugar and white flour as well as eliminating all processed food from the diet.)
2. Try to get to the Oasis of Hope Hospital in Mexico.
3. Spend as much time with God as possible.

Well, nos. 1 & 3 were no problem, but I initially rejected no.2. I soon began to realise that nos. 1 & 3 were not enough as my health continued to decline. But God was not going to allow me to ignore the possibility of going to The Oasis of Hope Hospital in Mexico and He kept prompting me until I could no longer ignore this. Being a single mum with two young children to support, I had nothing like the finances available to go there, so I said to God, “OK I’m listening now. If I am meant to go to Mexico I know that You will provide,” and so I put my trust TOTALLY in Him and went ahead and made the necessary arrangements.

In all this time I was becoming weaker and it appeared that the cancer had metastasised to the liver. But God is ever faithful and the money was provided in miraculous ways. After overcoming many obstacles, including VISA difficulties, and finally British Airways’ initial refusal to grant me clearance for the flight because of my state of health, my 13 year old daughter, Auriol and I finally arrived at the Oasis of Hope Hospital in Tijuana, Mexico.

It was quite the most amazing experience I have ever had in my life. I knew from the moment I walked through the doors that I was in the right place. God’s love permeates this remarkable hospital where everywhere you look there are colourful banners with Bible texts and wise sayings that help to create a positive attitude. Here I was, not just a sick body but a person with a mind and a soul. In this hospital they regard Jesus Christ as the Medical Director and with that one you cannot go wrong. (There cannot be many places where your doctor will pray with you and hug you each time you meet and where they give all the glory to God.) I met so many wonderful people and forged many strong friendships that I know will last for eternity. I was immediately started on the treatment of B17 (Laetrile) administered intravenously as well as chelation therapy, oxygen therapy and shark cartilage enemas. Of course the nutrition program was all important too. This entailed removing all harmful foods from my diet and concentration on a diet that is 85% raw living food that will promote healthy cells to aid in healing the body. I came back home very much stronger, the fluid on my lung had stabilised, and so had the tumour. The two cancer spots on my liver had completely disappeared. I brought home with me 6 months supply of the B17 that I would administer myself daily through a permanently inserted catheter, as well as other treatments with instructions to return in 6 months for a check up and further supplies. I came home with real HOPE and knew that God was looking after me and I felt that I now had a future that I would not have had if it were left to conventional medicine.

In addition to the above regime, further research alerted me to the dangers in our every day personal care products. Health concerns are continually being raised about ingredients in shampoos, bubble baths, toothpastes, skin creams and most other personal care products as well as cleaning products routinely used in our homes that have been proven to be highly toxic. I have removed all of these from my home and replaced them with safe products.

God again miraculously provided for the return trip to Mexico in May 2002 where the doctors described my condition as ‘remarkable’ and I praise God for that. I am now enjoying a quality of life that I could not have wished for had I not taken this step of faith and although I owe my life to my many friends and family who supported me, not only financially but with their LOVE and HOPE, the ultimate glory MUST go to God who has masterminded all this.

I think of my brother Athol daily and feel a great sadness that we did not know about this treatment at the time he was so ill, because had we known he would have been spared a great deal of suffering and would most probably still be alive today.