Thanks for forwarding info in B17. I found out in 1976 that my dad had leukemia. In those days I knew nothing of alternative therapies or lifestyle. That was the beginning of my education, for the sake of my dad. To make a long story shorter, the laetril he got on helped him tremendously, and increased the quality of his life the last few years. He started with injections in Tijuana, and smuggled some back into the country (USA) (we laughed about it–my dad smuggling, he was such an upstanding citizen). The quality of product he could get in the states was inferior, and he developed an allergic reaction after some time, and went off the laetril. It was then that his leukemia got worse. I want to let people know, that it does help the body to resist and reverse cancer. People need to use it as part of a complete program. There are many, many excellent immune boosters on the market today. I, from my personal experience, would recommend people to use B17 along with the rest of the great stuff we now have available. Chew your apple seeds (especially from organic apples). They are full of B17. With blessings of Aloha,