First I wanted to say that I attended the Phillip Day Health Wars seminar at Manly Sydney Australia last night and found it to be the best seminar I have attended to this date, and I do try to go to as many as possible. He is trully a brilliant presenter and extremely knowledgeable. He did mention a website which I wasn’t quick enough at writing down regarding information on water filters. If you could email me some info on the matter I would appreciate it. Also I had read his cancer book and had commenced reading the Health Wars book when my 6yr old german shepherd bitch develop a tumour on her nose which the vet was quick to want to cut it out and was talking chemo, etc. But I started giving her the apricot kernels in her food and within 3 months the growth has gone and she also use to come up lame quite often which no one seem to be able to sort out. But that problem seems to have also diminished. She is healthier than ever and I have always taken extreme care with her but at the same time I was having her vaccinated which I no longer do. I wish to thank Phillip Day for the great job he is doing. Too bad there aren’t more like him.