I am a builder by trade, and in early 2003, my father and I were working for an elderly couple (in their 60’s), and they told us an amazing story regarding apricot kernels. The man’s wife was diagnosed with stomach cancer (I don’t know when), and she was told she needed to have surgery. The man didn’t want her to go through with it because of what it involved (essentially removing the stomach all together), so they did nothing. Upon further consultations in the following months, the prognosis was getting worse. They went to see another doctor for a second opinion, and that is when they met someone who changed their lives.

While they were in the waiting room, they got talking to a woman, whose husband was seeing a doctor about his liver cancer. While they were talking, she mentioned that he was taking apricot kernels, as someone showed them some testimonials about their possible cancer curing capabilities. They exchanged phone numbers, and went their seperate ways.

A couple of weeks later, the woman with the stomach cancer called the woman she met in the waiting room to see how her husband was fairing, as he had been on the kernels for some time. She told her that the cancer was gone! She couldn’t believe it. So she kept taking the kernels (she was taking 7-10 a day).

3 months went by, and it was time for her checkup. When the results came through, she was in for a surprise. Her cancer was gone too! Not just slowed, or shrank, but GONE!!

After I was told this story, I was surprised to find that it was a fairly popular natural treatment.

All I can say is this, cancer is a deadly disease, there is no harm in taking the kernels, what more harm could you do? If it was me, I would still probably go through with surgery at the very least (depending on how severe) but I would take the kernels also, as they may just help…..

I hope people can get some hope from this, as sometimes hope can go a long way…..