At the beginning of this year I met a precious man in his 80’s who had just been diagnosed with liver cancer. His granddaughter asked me to go to his home and share with him about metabolic therapy (treating cancer with nutritionally).

I told him that if I had cancer I would go on a very strict diet with no meat, dairy or sugar. That I would eat a diet rich in raw fruits and vegetables, including up to 20 apricot kernels along with a half pineapple a day. I would take Neways Maximol, Noni Juice, Cassie Tea, Cascading Revenol, the Cell Purification products. And finally, I would switch out all personal care products to Neways safe products.

He decided to follow this regimen. His family purchased the Neways products and apricot kernels for him for several months. For the last few months they have not purchased many of the Neways products, but he continued to eat a healthy diet along with the apricot kernels with pineapple.

Recently he went to the doctor who told him that the CANCER IS GONE! The doctor could not understand what happened. But we know what happened… God healed him! God is such an intelligent and good God that he created our bodies to heal itself. If we feed the body what God intends us to, our body will do what God designed it to. I call this God’s natural healing. That in itself is supernatural! Praise God!