One year and 3 days ago, on 11-5-98, my daughter, Connie O’Hara, was diagnosed with advanced ductal breast cancer, stage three, after having been given a clean bill of health just three months prior from a routine mammogram. She and her Doctor agreed to start chemo treatments which started 1 1-9-98, finishing the first round on 1-11-99. A mastectomy was scheduled and performed on 2-10-99 on the right breast. The second round of chemo was started on 3-11-99. Along about this time, I went on the internet in search of any new information that might be available on Doctor Contreras and his Oasis of Hope Hospital in Tijuana, Mexico. I printed Out about 20 pages or so of information and gave it to my daughter with the understanding that should she and her husband decided to go down there, that I would Make the necessary funds available for the two of them to go. The choice was theirs. She finished her second round of chemo on 6-4-99. Some time late in May, on “Good Morning America”, some one from the medical side of the house made a statement that chemo doesn’t work for breast cancer. My wife and I both heard it, and so did my daughters’ husband, Mike. He had been skeptical about Laetrile prior to this time because he hadn’t heard of it before and was hearing all sorts of stories from his friends. After hearing the statement on “Good Morning America”. Mike told Connie, maybe she should go ahead and make the necessary arrangements to go to Mexico.

I made a few telephone calls and the two of them went to Oasis Of Hope and checked in on 6-7-99 for a 3 weeks round treatment from Doctor Contreras. When they returned home on 6-27-99, my wife and I met them at the airport, and Connie had a very severe headache. On 7-1-99, a cat scan revealed a 6 by 7cm tumor which the Doctor said was inoperable. The tumor was in the right rear quadrant of her brain. For the next three weeks she went through daily radiation treatments using steroids to try and control brain swelling hoping to shrink the tumor to where they could deal with it with gamma knife surgery. On 9-3-99. Mike. Connie and their two girls came to our house for the weekend. She ate a fair supper, but was tired from the trip down, so retired early. Saturday morning about 4:30am, 9-4-99. she awakened nauseous, vomiting, scared and couldn’t talk. I took her and her husband to the emergency room at Newton Med Center, where a cat scan revealed the tumor hadn’t shrunk, but had grown to almost half her brain. They told us to take her back to Sauna to her Doctor. On arrival at the Salina Hospital, they took yet another cat scan to verify the Newton pictures and admitted her to the terminal cancer floor. She was placed on morphine drip, decodron, and adivan. On Saturday afternoon, her Doctor called Mike and myself aside and told us that Connie’s time was very limited, that she would not leave the hospital. We asked how long she had, and they answered, we would be fortunate if she was still here Monday 9-6-99. By early Sunday Morning, we started cutting down on the morphine drip so that she could come somewhat semiconscious to monitor her pain level better. She was in and Out of consciousness through Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning. About 10:30am, she opened her eyes, and said, Dad would you go out and see if they will let me have a fruit plate? I went Out and told the Nurses Station her request, and they got on that request right now. A nice fruit plate came in about ten minuets and Connie ate about 1/2 of it before she stopped, and I cried, because this was two days after she was supposed to be gone, and the first food or drink of any kind since the previous Friday at my house. She held the fruit down, which was also a first for a while.

Thursday was a day full of many events. First, she realized where she was and what it meant to be on a terminal cancer floor, and again she was a very scared girl. She informed the nurse to get a hold of the Doctor, that she wanted to go home and be with her husband and girls for what time she had left, that she did not want to die in a hospital.

This request brought the Doctor in abruptly and he talked to her and explained to her that hospice would have to be involved, she didn’t care, she just wanted to go home. Hospice equipped her home thursday afternoon and she went home Friday Morning about 11:00am. As soon as she got home, she started taking her laetrile that she brought home from Mexico. At this time she weighed about 80 pounds. Day by day, she is gaining her strength back. Around the 15th of October, Hospice requested an exam by her Doctor and subsequently, on 10-21, an MRI was done this time, and when the Doctor saw the results, he stated that he could not explain what was taking place. Connie said, I can. It is an answer to Prayer and laetrile. The tumor was now less than 1/2 the size of when they first found it in July. WE are now looking forward to have Mike, Connie, and their two girls for Thanksgiving dinner, as we have much to be thankful for. You see, God Gave my daughter back.

PS As of 11-8-99, at the Doctors office, she weighed in at 100 pounds.Ten more pounds to go!