Red Davidson from Berryville, AR was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma and told that nothing could be done for him. His doctor recommended a bone marrow transplant and heavy doses of chemotherapy to buy him some time. One of his doctors told him that Laetrile was quackery and worthless. The other doctor said it was toxic and it could possibly kill him. After undergoing 3 sessions of chemotherapy Red decided to quit because the treatment itself was killing him. He started metabolic therapy with intravenous Laetrile on 10/01/1999 and within 2 weeks a CT Scan shows shrinkage of the cancer all over his body. He was most impressed when he noticed that the sores/boils that he had all over his body which were constantly draining went completely away within only two days of the Laetrile injections. All his sores are now completely gone, the itching is gone, and the cancer has disappeared in most areas of his body. Of course, his doctors cannot believe it. He is now taking the B-17 tablets and thanks God for vitamin B-17 (Laetrile).